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Dunda Hummus

Prep Time
Cook Time



Athenos Original Hummus*

7 oz


1.  Open the containerof hummus and transfer to a mixing bowl                            

2. Add a 1/4 C of Dunda Sauce and mix with the hummus usinga wire whip                                  

3. Stir until completely incorporated, transfer to servingbowl, garnish with a little drizzle of Dunda Sauce on top

4.  Server with yourfavorite veggies or chips


*Or your favorite brand               

Dunda Sauce™

Dunda Sauce™ is made with a premium blend of orange, Jalapeño, and Ginger bringing a bit of heat and a whole lot of flavor. We want to be sure that when you open a bottle of Dunda Sauce™, you taste the freshness and in every bite.

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